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About Us

Aavyaveda Herbals is a newly born proprietary that is being nurtured by the experts and much experienced clans in herbs, natural cure processes and products. With the intent to cope-up with the recent rise in the demand of the sanitizers, Aavyaveda Herbals has initiated to formulate sanitizers of varied ranges in different quantities for different purposes. The whole purpose of producing herbal hand sanitizer is to offer hygiene with care to its users. Hence, we have formulated these products as per CDC’s standard instructions.
Although, the demand had risen in last few months, but the use of sanitizer had been popular among the folks for over two decades. For a lot of people especially those in medical, hospitality industry, and those whose job involves too much travelling- sanitizer happens to be the most necessary product amongst these categories. Therefore, we have ensured to offer various packages in different quantities ranging from 100ml to 5ltrs.

Our Story

“Aavyaveda”, the term “aavya” has its origin in Sanskrit, which means “to protect”, which is followed well in ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient solution for wellness as well as cure in Indian continent. Therefore, this herbal sanitizer formulation is named Aavyaveda Herbals. Our belief strongly goes in offering the best of the hand disinfecting solutions.

Our Mission

Aavyaveda Herbals is also in the process of producing other products that deal in cosmetic and body wellness solutions. Aavyaveda Herbals is designed and formulated as per the standard instructions of WHO as well as CDC to ensure hand protection and disinfection with complete skin care.


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